tuesday, may 7,
17:30 -19:00 at chapter arts centre

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Welsh Films
Ffilmiau o Gymru

Three Welsh language films.

A Welsh musician’s journey to record an album in Brazil; young film-maker’s expedition to investigate plastic pollution in the Arctic; and a profile of legendary musician, Dave Datblygu.

This event is sponsored by S4C.

Tair ffilm Gymraeg.

Taith y cerddor Carwyn Ellis i recordio albwm ym Mrasil; Taith gwneuthurwr ffilm ifanc i ymchwilio mewn i lygredd plastig yn yr Arctig, a phroffil o’r cerddor chwedlonol Dave Datblygu.

Noddir y digwyddiad hwn gan S4C.

Wednesday, May 8, 
16.00-18.00 at CHAPTER ARTS CENTRE

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Global Eye

3 Stolen Cameras (by Markus Kaatsch, Sweden)
The Same (by Dejan Petrovic, Serbia)
14 + 2 Days (by Erfan Ghasempour, Iran)
Welcome to Harmondsworth (by Toby Bull + Felix Bazalgette, England)
M1-KØ (Fahad Shaikh, United Arab Emirates)
My Theater (Kazuya Ashizawa, Japan)
Mumpsimus (Germany)
No One (Turkey)


thursday, may 9
17.00-18.00 at CHAPTER ARTS CENTRE

Cardiff Met

3 of the best sports films from Cardiff Met University students.

Thursday, May 9, 
15.00 - 16:30 at CHAPTER ARTS CENTRE

CILECT International Student Films

Dreams of a teenage astronaut in Georgia; musings of drone pilots halfway around the globe; memories of war in Russia and Bosnia; lust and desire crossing through the concrete wall dividing Israel & Palestine. A selection of the best student documentary films from around the world, chosen from the shortlist of the annual CILECT Prize.

Friday, May 10, 
16.00-18.00 at chapter arts Centre


New Talent

Mathew vs Pritchard (Wales)
Stretch (Wales)
Adlais (Wales)
Crannog (Scotland)
She is Juiced: Slice Two -Ope Lori (Wales)
A Tale of Two Cultures (England)
How To Disarm a Jet (England)
Land of Steel (Wales)
Letters to Britain (England)