Wednesday, April 18,
19.30 at Blackwood Little Theatre, Blackwood

Young Wrestlers 2.jpg

Young Wrestlers

Director: Mete Gümürhan

The 26 boys living at the sports academy in the Turkish province of Amasya will endure a lot to realise their wrestling dream. They face the usual challenges of adolescence in a male dominated environment and contradictions of contemporary Turkey. How far will they go in their desire for fame and adulation?


Wednesday, April 18,
21.00 at Maxime Cinema, Blackwood

The Road Movie.jpg

The Road Movie

Director: Dmitrii Kalashnikov

A stunning compilation of video footage shot exclusively via the deluge of dashboard cameras that populate Russian roads. The epitome of a you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it documentary.


Thursday, April 19,

Million Dollar Life.png

Million Dollar Life

Director: Robert Zuber

Film follows the campaign to raise money for treatment for a terminally ill little girl, Nora. Her parents are given just seven days to find a million dollars. They go public with an appeal that unites the country but can they raise the money in time and can they trust the charity to release the money?


Thursday, April 19,
19.30 at Blackwood Little Theatre, Blackwood



Director: Jeff Zorrilla

An incredible journey into the world of sex tourism in Buenos Aires that gives an insight into the lives and attitudes of the men who are fuelling the trade. 


Thursday, April 19,
21.00 at Maxime Cinema, Blackwood

The Mayors Race.jpg

The Mayor's Race

Director: Loraine Blumenthal

An inspiring story about a mixed-race child, growing up with his single mother in inner-city Bristol, witnessing injustice, poverty, and racism on a daily basis, and his battle to break the cycle of history and become the mayor of Bristol.


Friday, April 20,
18.00 at Maxime Cinema, Blackwood

Among Wolves.jpg

Among Wolves

Director: Shawn Convey

Still struggling from the aftermath of the Bosnian War, multi-ethnic bikers club organizes charity for their small mountain town and defends the threatened herd of wild horses they first met on the frontline. Can wild horses help heal the scars of war? Are there lessons to be learnt from Bosnia in how Wales treats it's mountain ponies?