Wednesday, April 18, 
18.00-19.00 at Maxime Cinema, Blackwood

Shorts 1.jpg

Shorts 1

Who We Are (by Nicholas Manting-Brewer)
Men In The Mirror (by Siri Nerbø)
An Act of Worship (by Sofian Khan and Nausheen Dadabhoy)
Contigo (by Dan Boord and Luis Valdovino)
Voices From Kaw-Thoo Lei (by Martha Gorzycki)


Wednesday, April 18, 
21.00-22.30 at Blackwood Little Theatre, Blackwood

Shorts 2.jpg

Shorts 2

Limits of Freedom (by Joe Gist and Aidan Joseph) 
Royal (by Kristian Kane and Lewis Carter)
Rounds (by Siôn Marshall-Water) 
Hartom (by Arkus)
The Shepherd (by Joost Van Der Wiel) 
Dial-A-Ride (by Georg Cowie and Tom Huntingford)


Friday, April 20,
18.00-19.30 at Blackwood Little Theatre, Blackwood

Shorts 3.jpg

Shorts 3

Sanctioned (by Dominique Murphy - de Neef)
Amour Du Réel (by Iman Behrouzi) 
A Journey in Search of Abul (by Akram Elbezawy)
One For The Road (by Fernanda Faya)
Dave Datblygu (by Sion Thomas)
Dosbarth Melyn (by Dafydd Sills-Jones)