Wednesday, May 8, 
16.00-18.00 at CHAPTER ARTS CENTRE

Shorts 1.jpg


3 Stolen Cameras (by Markus Kaatsch, Sweden)
The Same (by Dejan Petrovic, Serbia) 
14 + 2 Days (by Erfan Ghasempour, Iran)
A Tale of Two Cultures (by Dominique Murphy-de Neef, England)
Welcome to Harmondsworth (by Toby Bull, England)
How to Disarm A Fighter Jet (by Natalie Thomas, England) 
M1-KØ (Alicia Gonzalez, Dubai)
My Theater (Kazuya Ashizawa, Japan)


Thursday, May 9, 
16.00-18.00 at chapter arts Centre


New Talent

Mathew vs Pritchard (by Jake Hardy)
Stretch (by Eve Korzec)
Artig: Môr o Blastig (by Mari Huws)
Adlais (by James Davoll)
Crannog (by Eve Korzec)
She is Jucied: Slice Two -Ope Lori (by Lois Norman)