This year's films are now confirmed and we're proud to present the following films in  competition for best feature, short and micros.

The films will be screened at Maxime Cinema, Blackwood and Screen 2 ( Blackwood Little Theatre, Woodbine Rd, Blackwood NP12 1QJ.) April 18th to April 20th 2018.

We're pleased to be able to announce that our second screen will be located at Blackwood Little Theatre this year, half way between The Miners Institute and Maxime Cinema: Blackwood Little Theatre, Woodbine Rd, Blackwood NP12 1QJ. Looking forward to a few full houses for our screenings there. We're also presenting a day of Welsh Language workshops and shorts in partnership with S4C on Friday at the Little Theatre on Friday, April 0th. More news to follow on FB, Twitter and Instagram.

Blackwood Little Theatre bydd ein hail sgrin eleni, hanner ffordd rhwng Sefydliog y Glowyr a Maxime Cinema: The Little Theatre, Woodbine Rd, Coed Duon NP12 1QJ. Edrychwn ymlaen at ychydig o dai llawn ar gyfer ein ddangosiadau ffilm yno. Hefyd rydyn ni'n cyflwyno diwrnod o weithdai Cymraeg a ffilmiau byr mewn partneriaeth â S4C ar y ddydd Gwener 20fed mis Ebrill  yn y 'Little Theatre'. Mwy o newyddion i'w dilyn ar FB, Twitter ac Instagram.